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deviation in storage by Mew-Ville


Splatoon- Goobie by Whitewing16
Splatoon- Goobie
Hi everyone,

I know it's been forever since I posted something that wasn't meme and I"m so sorry. I do draw constantly, I just get really lazy to upload


I've been really into splatoon lately, so i ended up making my own character. Came up with the personality and everything just for fun too. I don't know what I'll use her for and even if I can't find a place for her I'll still be pretty happy just drawing her.

I love the color green they use in the game and I'm not a big charger fan but I thought it suited her well with her personality.

So long story short, instead of doing my hw for the day I drew this instead and now am going to be swamp for tomorrow or just procrastinate more...I'll probably procrastinate lol

well I hope you guys like it uvu
Update St. Mortiel Application- Rosalind A. Oswald by Whitewing16
Update St. Mortiel Application- Rosalind A. Oswald

Name: Rosalind Ann Oswald

Age: 15 16 17

Birthday: August 2nd

Gender: Female

Species: #37 Vulpix

Ability: Flash Fire

Nature: Modest

Summary Characteristics: Good Perseverance

Height: 4’0”

Weight: 90 pounds (underweight)

Type: Fire

Hometown: Anistar City


Personality: Rosalind is one of those girls who always goes the extra distance. Although somewhat of a slow learner, she makes up for it being a hard worker and always manages to excel at anything she puts her mind too. She’s very mature for her age, and usually makes the right adult decisions calmly taking a step back listening to others. She is the perfect model student. She also has a very, VERY, kind heart and always puts others problems before her own. Which can be a good thing and bad thing. Because she is so kind, she has a hard time saying no to other people, and is a giant pushover. She doesn’t like disappointing people and doesn’t have the heart to say no, be mean, or start disputes even if the other is in the wrong. It’s extremely rare for her to lose her temper and usually just makes little huffs if she disapproves of something or becomes incredibly disappointed in that person depending on their actions.  

She also doesn’t like seeing people in physical/ emotional pain and always tries to help people if she sees this. But although her heart is in the right place, her persistence gets in the way of knowing when it’s time to stop trying to help, making the situation worse than better.

She has the view that there is a little kindness in everyone. So although this makes her a good person it also shows she is very naive. She trusts to easily, and it’s very easy to take advantage of her kindness. It also doesn’t help that because she is a slow learner she doesn’t catch on to things right away sometimes. For example more adult conversations or at times the obvious. But because of her point of view on people, it’s very easy to get along with her and in fact she is quite silly/ playful with closer friends.

But what Rosalind is really know for though is probably her modesty. But her modesty comes more from her tendency not to give herself enough credit and deep insecurities about herself. In truth, she’s a very unconfident person and doesn’t think too highly of who she is. She usually doesn’t think anything she ever does is good enough and worthy of praise. Making Rosalind her own worst critic on her work and herself. This also shows she has low self-esteem and thinks, at times, she is always a failure if she accidentally makes little mistakes or doesn’t do something perfect.  But she keeps these unconfident feelings bottled up fairly well because she doesn’t want others to worry about her.



Rosalind was born as a fraternal twin to a Furfrou mother and Ninetails father in Anistar city. Her father was world renown for his music industry, and met his wife in the Kalos region on business. Later, after marriage, she became his secretary and they started a life together.

Her twin brother, Enoch, and Rosalind grew up as happy children, with wonderful childhoods living in luxury. Rosalind loved her brother dearly and still is today her best friend. Since their parents weren’t around much due to their very busy schedules, Rosalind depended on her brother's company. They did everything as children, playing games, hanging out after school, doing homework together and as twins, they could depend on each other fairly easy. Rosalind loved her shy brother, and usually was the more outspoken one, making friends and making sure he was always included in the group. Which was why she had worried greatly when they were separated for the first time during starting school again one year.

It wasn’t until Rosalind wasn’t around her brother she began making closer bonds with her friends and developing her own social circle. People naturally flocked to her because of her personality and because of how much of a model student she was. For example,  getting good greats, student council president, and the effort shown through her hard work at everything she attempted.  This only made people come to respect that about her and want to be around her for those qualities. But even as she grew older and wasn’t around her twin very much, it still didn’t change her insecurities.

Even as small children she knew Enoch was naturally gifted at most things, where she struggled all the time to do well at anything. Where she worked hard night after night for countless hours to do well, he always managed to do better when it came to grades, sports, and musical abilities. Whatever they did together Enoch was always on top and always praised for being there by other people mostly, in her eyes, the servants that took care of them. Somehow, some way, he’d always outshine her in the very end and make all the work she’d done at that point feel worthless.  

This had always made Rosalind feel inferior, unconfident in her own abilities, and a great pressure to be perfect at anything she attempted. It created a weird desire and pressure she had on herself to be good at least something. She didn’t put herself on a high pedestal.  This desire fueled her all throughout middle school. She kept pushing herself taking harder classes, studying longer hours, doing everything in her power to become better at anything she put her mind too and be good at it. Her schedule was always busy between school, friends, and extracurricular activities.

It wasn’t until she got into high school it started becoming too much. She had taken all high honor classes and six extracurricular activities because she didn’t want to disappoint her friends. Her life became stressful, and tiresome staying up extremely late at night to complete everything. All her free time became revolved around studying, and working hard to the point where she stayed up to about four or five in the morning and then start the day at six. It took a toll on her health too. Because of all the stress, and occasionally skipping something to eat, she lost a good amount of weight to the point where anybody would worry considering she was already super skinny. But she did well to hide this from her love ones and friends so she wouldn’t worry them.

But it became too much for Rosalind and soon enough she began sleeping through classes, and important tests. Her grades dropped very quickly, and even though Rosalind did try to stay awake, she would conk out the moment she get to her desk for the day.

While worrying about this one day, she had accidentally taken a different route to her class and found her brother sneaking off with his friends again, with spray cans,…probably off to no good. Rosalind didn’t even hesitate, given this opportunity, to try and stop him. She knew he was already in deep trouble from all the other mischievous things he had done. So it was no surprise to her when they all ended up in the principal office.

Their parents were furious but not all that surprise about Enoch. After they had calmed down the principal then started discussing with them Rosalind’s worrying situation. Her mother and father were shocked hearing how she slept through class from exhaustion, and her dropping grades. The principal suggested she probably had too much on her plate.  It was obvious something needed to be done to straighten out Enoch’s behavior and give Rosalind chance to improve her grades in a more relax environment.

The twin’s parents began searching into private schools and soon enough they found a good one thanks to their servant’s suggestions. St. Mortiel seemed like a pleasant school, a relaxing one for hard working students, but strict enough about the education program and keeping disobedient pupils in line. They thought it be perfect for both their children to attend.

Thus when Rosalind gotten the news she was somewhat displeased about leaving behind all her friends, but she took it with stride accepting the situation knowing it was for the best. After many goodbyes from home, she traveled with her brother to this new prestigious school and couldn’t help but wondered what lied ahead. 


Rosalind couldn’t be happier in Mortiel. She has gone through a lot since first attending the school in 3rd grade and has made many friends and even a boyfriend who has left the school. But she maintains a long distant relationship with him. She has also learned many things good and bad, but essentially the aspect of chasing after what makes her happy.

Rosalind is still a pushover, but she is learning at the moment to say no if she really doesn’t want to do something. Also, thanks to friends, and her brother a bit, she is also trying to be a bit more confident in herself…but she as a very long way to go.


Level: 35 41



~Tail Whip


~Baby-Doll Eyes

*Quick Attack

~Fire Spin

*Confuse Ray

~Feint Attack

*Flame Burst






*Safe Guard


TM/HM Eggs Moves



School Schedule

*Trigonometry II



*AP Spanish


*Dance III

*Health and Education II


*Religious Studies




*Choir Club (Co-Captain)

*Volleyball (Captain)


Fun/Extra Facts

*Her fraternal twin is Enoch Oswald…

~Even though she is far shorter than her brother, she was born first making her the older sister.

*She loves sleep and she can sleep in really late till twelve, one, and sometimes even two o’clock in the day

~The only reason why she has the move attract was because she was dared to buy one from her friends. She never uses, and the only reason why she might use it if she becomes incredibly flustered.

* She doesn’t eat very much because she has a very delicate stomach. It’s the reason why she so freaking skinning and somewhat underweight.

~She’s a clean freak and hates messiness. She’ll go as far as even organizing everyone else messes too.

*If she has free time she’ll be playing the violin. She very good, and has been practicing for a long, long time. She dreams to become a professional Violinist one day.

~If she’s not playing the violin in her free time she’s reading an interesting book. She likes mystery, romance, and history novels.

*Although she’s a calm person, there’s an exception when it comes to boys.  If guys are hitting on her, she becomes a flustered stuttering mess, and most likely will do something clumsy or embarrassing in front of them. She has no experience what so ever with that kind of stuff and has never had a boyfriend. *She’s got a boyfriend so it’s not as bad anymore, but none-the-less will still become fluster if someone is hitting on her. *

~Has a secret love for cute stuff plushies and is an avid collector.

* Enoch and Rosalind have a much older Frufrou brother name Lucien who works as a doctor. He does visit holidays, but either than that usually the Frufrou is stricken with work and often can't come by and visit the family. He is developing a family of his own as well.

*Math is her least favorite subject. She will try and avoid using it at all cost which doesn’t work out well.

~ Rosa is probably the only fire type that hates the cold, and gets sick easily from it. She has a theory that it’s her height that’s the problem and the cold beats her out.

*Is a very VERY, heavy sleeper thanks to having to sleep through years of snoring from her brother. It’s impossible to wake her when she’s asleep

*Don’t ever let her near a stove she will burn everything she makes.

~Her nickname for her brother is puppy, says it sometimes even though he hates it.

*Calls everyone darling. She just likes the word darling, and likes to address people by that thinking it’s pretty.

~Because she is part dog, she loves being petted on her head, and if you scratch behind her right ear long enough she’ll fall asleep happily.

*Hums, and tails wag a lot when she’s happy or excited

~Has no sense of directions and constantly carries a map of the school and city. She always gets locked in closets due to not knowing where she’s going.

*She is a MAJOR coffee addict, her favorite is pumpkin spice latte…she always sad that’s it’s a seasonal option. Black coffee makes her stomach upset...though sometimes that doesn’t stop her.

~When her fur gets wet, she has to shake it out, and it fluffs up really badly. Basically she’s a puff ball.

*She is the empress in training of the fox kingdom. Proclaimed by Jojo the empress

~Since she’s from Kalos, she is fluent in French. Also has an accent, which is a bit thicker than her brothers. She loves French, but considering everyone uses English she uses that language as her main. Even though her brother points out her grammatical errors sometimes.

 ~She loves pop, soft rock, and classical music

~She is currently dating a former student/Chinchou in Unova named Mavi Topaz. She’s nuts about him and they love each other. Since the time zones are really different she’s up sometimes super late. So if you see her up and texting/talking on the phone, she’s probably talking to him. If she’s super happy/in a dreamy mood that week, it means shes going over to visit him.



Miki Ota Khoroushi- Armonia Application by Whitewing16
Miki Ota Khoroushi- Armonia Application

Name: Miki Ota Khoroushi


Gender: Female

Pokemon: #334 Altaria

Birthday: April 18th


Weight:105 (mostly muscle)

Nature: Hardy

Summary Characteristics: Capable of taking hits

Ability: Natural Cure

Hometown Opelucid city



Miki’s one of those individuals by looking at her, and how she acts, you wouldn’t think she came from a hard background. Mostly chipper, and laughing, you’ll find this bird to be a very social butterfly and the one trying to be the optimist in the most hardest of situations preferring to laugh and get back up again. She’s an open book, and displays her emotions when she feels them whether sad, mad, or happy, Miki doesn’t really hide anything from anyone, and is quite blunt. She is confident, strong, and doesn’t crumble easily under pressure or whether from emotional/physical pain. This is due to having to take on a lot at a very young age from her father, and taking care of her sister. Showing a more softer side, to her hardy personality by listening and taking care of someone else  in great emotional pain. In fact, she's actually one of those people who puts peoples problems before her own even if she's got a problem herself.  

But either than that she is pushy, and at times overbearing thrusting her views on the poor individuals if she feels situations needs to be address, but this only shows she cares very deeply in her own ruff way…if that doesn’t work she thinks punching and asking questions later is always the solution to fix things or relieve stress. Now if that doesn’t work she’ll just walk away in a huff and punch something out of frustration until she’s done.

This obviously shows she doesn’t have the best patience and often times irritable if people take too long deciding something. She is too hasty at times as well making decisions before thinking them through which often leads to her getting in trouble. Though if she sees someone stiffen or timidly back off she’ll immediately back up and apologize knowing she’s just being…well her. Now it takes a LOT to really set her tempter to the point where’s she’s screaming and just plain out mad. This comes from if you refuse to listen to what she has to say, ignore her, or just rude or mean she’ll go off. But these actions have to happen multiple times, before she gets to that point. In fact her endurance for her temper is very long depending on the situation.  

Basically, as long as you’re nice to Miki and her sister, Miki will be nice to you being that chipper happy bird twenty-four-seven. If not, she’ll most likely ignore you.



    Miki was born on a Spring day in Opelucid City to a Hydregion father and Altaria mother, Miki was the youngest amongst the Khoroushi’s being the second daughter amongst the family. From the very beginning things were,…stressful for Miki and her sister Graciana. They’re father and mother were very traditional Asian people. Her father expected his daughters to know how to fight, and be true Asian warriors, they’re mother expected both her children to understand their culture, tradition, and live, breathe, and eat it every day. Everything was expected more of them, nothing was expected less. Always bring honor to the family that was the one rule.

    Miki adapted quickly to this lifestyle when she came to age of 5 understanding it well. She worked hard for her mother and father knowing this, especially her father. The man was brutal, with three yelling heads telling her to run a little faster, jump a little higher, endure a little more, in her training. She handled it well, took the brunt of his three yelling heads, and trained herself sometimes until her knuckles bled and couldn't walk from exhaustion. This was to appease her father want and expectations which was all thrown on her because her older sister Graciana could not produce the results he wanted..

    In all honesty though, the real reason why Miki trained so hard was for her older sister. Sure she trained because of expectations and to bring honor to the family. But secretly Miki really didn’t care for that, and wanted her mother and mostly her father to stop putting so much pressure and disappointment on her older sister’s shoulders. That...and maybe to be supportive instead like some of her friend's parents she saw do with their kids.  

    But thier parents would never change and in their eyes Graciana was incompetent especially after Miki, the younger sister, surpassed her in level. Much to Miki’s annoyance, because of their constant guilt tripping, and high expectations it affected her sisters health and confidence. It was obvious to Miki that their parents were trying to make Graciana into something that she just wasn’t going to be, and it was there way or the high way.

    It just baffled Miki  how they couldn’t see how talented Graciana was, maybe not at battling, but in dancing. She was beautiful when she hit the stage and Miki loved when Graciana snuck her away to watch her lessons. she was really hitting it on the stage too when she started her presentations for college. Miki loved watching her, unfortunately her parents found out and were not pleased. They were more than furious and snapped at her for going behind their backs.

    It was a fact their parents didn’t understand Graciana want for dancing. Dancing didn’t bring any honor to their family and they told Miki's older sister before to not pursue it. They told her it was a hopeless dream which was the snapping point for the younger sister. Previous times Miki stood up for Graciana because they kept picking on her because she couldn't reach expectations. Whenever they made jabs at Graciana that she wasn’t reaching expectations, Miki would speak up. They would ignored her time and time again. Miki couldn't take it anymore, and there was no way that she was going to let their parents destroy her sister confidence and pursue her dream that she as really good at.

So when the parents brought it up again, saying how useless and stupid Graciana talent was during dinner, was Miki's snapping point. She screamed that THIS STUPID HONOR THING WAS RIDICILOUS, and how THEY WOULDN”T LISTEN TO HER, and HOW GRACIE WAS AN INCREDIBLE PERSON WITH AN AMAZING TALENT THEY WERE JUST TO STUBBORN TO SEE BECAUSE IT DIDN"T FOLLOW THIER PLANS FOR HER. THEY WERE JUST SO STUPID, DUMB, AND ABOVE ALL ELSE SNOTTY PIGS…and that she HATED this life style and wanted OUT. That and that she would never EVER respect her parents, never follow her father’s ruling again and stated  she would do the complete opposite to make sure dishonor would come to the family for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS!!!!!!

    It was only thanks to Graciana that Miki cooled down enough to hear their parents saying they were tired of her disrespect and that she would do as she was told. Threatening they do the same thing to her if it came down to it if she did not respect them. Then, Miki, was sent to her room without anything to eat for the rest of the night as punishment for such criticism against them.

    For the rest of the night Miki brooded, punching her pillow out of frustration at the unfair situation her and her sister were placed in. She wanted out, she needed out, and when her door quietly creaked open revealing her older sister, it seemed Graciana needed the same thing after she told Miki how upset she really was. They both needed to get out of this toxic environment their parents had created and it seemed fleeing was the only option.

     So in the dead of night one day she and her sister fled. They went to Graciana dance teacher and they gave them a room and roof plus time to find a place for their own. Despite their growing dislike for their parents and fear the sisters decided to still leave a note for them stating they would be fine but never come back as they were figuring out their next move. The sisters knew they would be found out sooner or later and didn't know what to do until Graciana dance teacher mentioned a particular school called Armonia. She assured them that they wouldn't be found there and that the island was pretty secret.  

So despite not knowing much about the school Miki and Graciana decided to attend and take the next flight out to the island taking the dance teachers advice. Miki hoped, prayed, it would be more peaceful there and a nice home where her and her sister could live.

*Video games/ reading manga


Level: 57

Regular Moves:






*Fury Attack


*Disarming Voice



*Natural Gift

*Take Down


*Dragon Dance

*Cotton Guard

*Dragon Breath

*Dragon Pulse

*Perish Song

TM/HM/Tutor Moves

*Agility (Egg)

*Draco Meteor (Tutor Move)

*Hidden Power (TM-Fire)

*Safeguard (TM)


Favorite Berry Flavor: Sweet


House: TBA

School- Amity
Major: Physical Culture and Sports

Badges: Physical Culture and Sports badge



* Miki's older sister is Gracianda…

*Although it was horrible and grueling under her father Miki still found a love for battling and in fact adores physical exercise when she can do her own regimens. She likes sparring, and testing out her moves, and is very talented at battling. It’s to say she actually has won some tournaments around Unova to “make her family proud” but doesn’t mention unless you ask.

*That being said she is HORRIBLE at dancing and is just funny/embarrassing to look at when she does “move” to the beat

*But becaus she is a battler/ fighter/ and mostly it's in her culture, she knows martial arts, and is very good at it. When she battles, she incorperates most of her training in her moves. She does it without thinking, and if you ask her, she'll just say it just feels natural to battle that way. 

*Since Miki is a dragon type she has the  mystical ability to float, and fly in the air. This again, is how she flies, even though physically it doesn't look like she can.

*Since she is an Altaria, and Altarias are natural singers Miki can sing really well even though she hardly practices. Often times bored you’ll hear her sing pop songs at the time of her lungs and quoting: “SHE GOT A BODY LIKE AN HOUR GLASS BUT I CAN GIVE IT TOO YOU ALL THE TIME!!!”

*Has a weird fascination with yoyo’s and loves playing with them. Has taught herself to do simple tricks with them, but she is no professional. Often times she’ll play with them if she’s bored or thinking. Always has one red one in her pocket, shows what her favorite color is.

*Hates to wear sweaters and long sleeve shirts in the winter because it feels uncomfortable on her arm fluff. So usually she'll cut the sleeves of sweaters and use the sweater without the sleeves. Thankfully her arm fluff keeps her arms warm during the winter.

*When she’s angry or really irritated she’ll punch a pillow a lot, or scream into it lilo style.

*She is a secret attic manga nerd, and her favorite series is Tsubasa. NO ONE MUST EVER KNOW….besides Gracie

*Also a video game nerd, loves playing DS and Wii U games if she ever does have the free time to play NO ONE MUST EVER KNOW…besides Gracie. AKA her favorite game at the moment is Splatoon

*Hates reading, studying, and doesn’t have the best grades out there. She is a really low C average student. This is due to not reading through everything and not doing hw….she does always get an A in gym and battle though

*Doesn’t wear shoes cause she likes to feel the ground with her feet, but with special occasions she’ll wear them.

*Since she asian, she can speak fluent Chinese and has an accent

*Always likes to wear bandages around her hands because of scars. Most of them formed from not letting her knuckles/ hands heal from when they bled. It gets people to stop asking where they come from. Has some scars on the back of her legs from kicking too, but those are easily covered up by pants. In summer/spring on really hot days if she wants to wear shorts she’ll bandage them up too.

*LOVE DUMBLINGS OF ANY KIND. They’re her joy in life, and also comfort food. Plus the only thing she knows how to make 

St Mortiel Secret Santa- Lets Play Nes by Whitewing16
St Mortiel Secret Santa- Lets Play Nes
So :iconcoyotepack: I was your Secret Santa and omg I had fun with this little drawing.

Since her twin brother, enoch, is super into video games and stuff, but dare not let anyone know, Rosa probably have some idea what the Nes is and ask her bro what games were good to buy for it.

So Rosa got Tracy Bubble Bobble, super mario 2 and 3, and a couple of other nice Nes games. She secretly hopes that Tracy doesn't have those games and if she does she'll deeply apologize for it and will buy her games she doesn't have already. Then, I'd imagine Tracy and Rosa playing Bubble Bobble together

I'm sorry Tracy but she'll die a lot since she not the most talented at gaming. Unfortunately you got to carry the team girl ovo9

So I hope you like your secret santa Coyote and sorry I turned it in on the last day qvq
Armonia SS: Do You Want To Build A Snowman by Whitewing16
Armonia SS: Do You Want To Build A Snowman
OMG, I am so sorry  this is late. I had so many things to do, and I feel terrible I have to download this the night it's due. I was going to download it on Christmas but I forgot;;;;

But anyway :iconrapha-chan: I am your secret Santa and omg I can't tell you how much I love looking at pictures of these two cause they are so adorable. So when I was your secret santa I squealed.

I had a hard time coming up with something, but I thought they might like building a snowman man in they're ugly sweaters together. Honestly I had a blast drawing these two, they're so adorable.

I hope you like the picture Rapha and I hope you had a wonderful Holiday and an awesome New Year!! <333


A small fox smiles at everyone waving “Ah, hello everyone, my name is Rosalind Ann Oswald and I am your captain this year for Volleyball. I hope I can all make you guys proud and I hope we can all get along this year as a team. Now, I know we only have 5 players this year, and usually in a volleyball team you need 6, so I’ll work very hard to try and find opportunities for us to play against other people. Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll get a lot of opportunities this winter because of not having many players. I’ll try to find something though. But in the meantime we can definitely play grass volleyball and sand volleyball in the spring and summer.

So during the winter, let’s all practice really hard and get prepared for the sunnier season’s guys. Uh, yes *clears her throat* now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Since we’re all new and getting to know one another, I’ll be planning a get together soon which I’ll announce on twitter. I just have to contact the school and get that organize on when we should all meet and such each week to practice.

In volleyball it’s very important to make sure we know each other very well, and that we can all depend on one another inside and outside the court. Volleyball is one of the most team associated sports out there, and having trust and being kind to one another is a key element in this sport. So, I hope we can all get along with each other and have no problems this year.

As your captain, I don’t want you guys to feel imitated by me, so if you have ideas or wish to talk to me about anything, I always have an ear open, and 6 tails to cuddle you  with *giggles*. Plus if you guys are having problems inside or outside the court let me know… I’m sure I…or we can all help you out.

Also, another note, I am also in the process of order new uniforms for the team. So expected knew fancy uniforms and gear soon guys. I ordered something great and it looks so cute and awesome. I know you guys will all love it.

Um hhhmm…” Rosalind stops and thinks for a moment “I hope I’m not being too disorganized in what I’m saying but um yes…

ANYWAY…so, in order for us to become closer as a team let’s do something just for fun non-volleyball related to get to know one another for the big thing this month….” The small fox starts sweating a bit “Please don’t think badly of me as your captain but…I uh…accidentally bought too many pumpkins like uh thirty *coughs again chuckling nervously* so how about we all carve them together and set them up around the school oh Halloween. It’ll take a while to do and I’d really appreciate it if you guys could help me out a bit on my blunder….oh my goodness there are just too many for me to uh…. to use…QnQ;;;;;;;

I PROMISE, this doesn’t mean we won’t practice volleyball and such during the month…but this is the big assignment I’m giving you guys *decorate, carve, or do something with your pumpkins together with another member of your team to get to know that person better*”

Rosalind gives a soft sigh and then laughs her tails wagging again.

“We’re all just a bunch of girls and um one guy, having fun and playing volleyball together after all no? So, let’s all have fun together and have a wonderful year being the best we can be.”


ASSIGNMENT: INSIDE OUTSIDE THE COURT: Alright so the assignment for this month is becoming more associate and better as a team. As stated before Volleyball is a very team associated sport, being able to trust your team members on the court is important inside and outside the court. Thus, trust comes spending time together even outside the gym.

So, this month assignment is your character to associate with another character on the team carving, decorating or such with pumpkins for Halloween. If you had something different in mind with the pumpkins go for it, as long as it’s school appropriate and it’s with another member of the volleyball team. Some examples, you can draw, or rp if you like. You can also collab a picture as long as you include another member on the volleyball team, go ahead be creative.  Just make sure you ask permission from the other member if it’s okay to use their character if you plan on drawing them in your picture.

the assignment will be due on the last day of the month October 31st 11:59 pm Eastern

If you guys have any questions don’t be afraid to tab me, I know I can be pretty unclear sometimes explaining things so no worries.


So that’s about it, guys. Now, as me whitty. I really want to know what you guys think  and if you have any ideas let me know. Again, volleyball a team effort, so even though Rosa was voted as captain, I want you guys to know that I will listen to your ideas and do the best I can to come up with ideas to make the club fun.

So, please let me know what you all think and if you have a fun idea. I’ll try doing my best to incorporate the fun idea to the month’s event.

As for meet ups or get togethers for these fun times, I was thinking of just making a private twitter dm group if the club needs to meet up for the month’s event. But if you guys prefer the chats, I can set up those too. I just need to know what you all prefer. That way I don’t make anyone feel left out or uncomfortable.

That being said, I’d really like to set up a time where all the members can meet up and play volleyball together this month too. So again, just need to know when you guys are available and what you prefer, that way I can set it up.

AGAIN, if you have any questions or ideas please leave a comment in the journal, and I’ll get back to you as fast as I can.

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Hey, I love drawing and mostly do it all in my free time. When my brother said you could scan things in to the computer, I was so excited. I didn't think you could scan regular pictures. So right away I wanted to put my stuff on DeviantArt. I'm so excited!

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ZEPEII Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whitewing16 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
yes yes how you been
ZEPEII Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
uhhh for the last few months alright tbh

though school was kinda stressful the last two days

Whitewing16 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
It's been good pretty busy with work and all and making art plus starting college. But I'm doing okay uvu
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KyrioiB Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I just realized I wasn't watching you Im. 
Whitewing16 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
it okay I just realized I want watching u either QvQ don't worries 💗
ZEPEII Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy birthday duuude
Whitewing16 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
ZEPEII Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
BasicVanilla Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday wing!!
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