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ST Mortiel sketch dump by Whitewing16
ST Mortiel sketch dump

yah but nothing much just doodles, a lot of twitter moments and so on and so forth. Plus fluff akjdlfjsl; sorry I'm always such a sucker for cute things al;kdfjsa;lkdjf;ls also I hope ya'll don't mind me drawing your character lol, all your characters are just awesome in design and personality and I can't help it cause they're all so adorable as well qvq

But anyway, if you guys have any questions on the moments just ask, I"ll explain the sketch enjoy XD Also I have so much stuff still lol, so I'll be downloading a lot more pics later when I have the time. These are just like the tip of the iceberg and the only ones Ive scanned into my computer

jojo (slyveon) belongs to :iconEmpurroarMooks:

Rik (Aipom) belongs to :iconwiree:

Helia (Delphox) belongs to :iconzhoid:

Alyssa (Beedrill) belongs to :iconrobotbunnyinc:

Enoch (Furfrou) belongs to :iconautumnpalette:

Gary (Slyveon) belongs to :icontemptingglow:

Marcel (Vigoroth) belongs to :iconsableyeguy:

Annie (Meowistic) belongs to :iconakapanuka:

Mavi (Chinchou) belongs to :iconpixelmonozu:

Timothy (Eevee) Rosalind (Vulpix) Iris (white furfrou) and Sophia (buttefree) belong to me
Baby Rosalind by Whitewing16
Baby Rosalind
Rosalind figured out how to upload the icon and take pics on her phone...many selfies with new buddies to come guys. She will hunt you down and be cute you better count on that.
Where's Oswald by Whitewing16
Where's Oswald
lol, ever since me and autumn said they're last names would be oswald I've always imagined this pic....they not be waldo's but I suppose Oswald is good enough

I am just surprise why Rosa isn't questioning why Enoch and herself have to have matching outfits.

Enoch (Furfrou) is made by :iconautumnpalette:

Rosalind (vulpix) is mine

pokemon made by nintendo
It's Spring by Whitewing16
It's Spring
So i know it's been a while since I have submitted anything and guys I"m swear I'm like drawing...just too lazy to scan anything...that and school been pretty busy.

but the exciting news is that spring break is next week for me that and the weather is somewhat warmer now and since I wish for warm weather I made this....I REALLY REALLY WANT SPRING GUYS OTL

Also since spring break is next week, thank goodness, my schedule be a little more open now to actually do skype rps of any kind with my characters ouo so I'll be replying to notes and such, sorry I haven't gotten to any it's just been too busy at the moment and the only thing I can really get to is twitter quq

So let me guys know and I'll be happy to rp, and people that I have been rping with sorry promise I'll reply to the notes by the end of the week quq

So I hope this brighten up your days guys quq
St. Mortiel Application-Timothy Jean Smith by Whitewing16
St. Mortiel Application-Timothy Jean Smith

Name: Timothy Jean Smith

Age: 16/February 14

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Eevee #133

Ability: Run Away

Nature: Quirky

Characteristics: Strongly Defiant

Heightt: 5’0”

Weight: 105 pounds

Type:  Normal

Hometown: Luminous City

Personality- The first thing that strikes you about Timothy is his smiling. The eevee is always smiling happy, and goofing around. Always making some sort of interesting face the guy is a hoot and holler saying quirky things or doing quirky stuff acting like a nerd. He has an odd way of thinking and processing what people say and this shows by how he answers people back randomly. Sometimes he doesn’t make sense, but it makes sense to him. Being incredibly absentminded, he speaks his mind without much regard or thought being too blunt  or accidentally rude. But none-the-less he does what he wants, when he wants, doing as he pleases, being carefree and incredibly optimistic when he shouldn’t be.  

Which isn’t always a good thing, although his intentions are pure when he acts or tries to help, most of the time he just makes things worse with his clumsy quirky antics and over the top thinking: handshake, no hug, birthday cake NO WEDDING CAKE. This is how he mostly thinks. Again, he does as he pleases listening to no one because he wants to prove what he does is right, that he is capable doing what he sets his mind too. Messages and lessons have to be shouted at him…fitting in a way for someone who can’t hear.



Timothy was born into a rich successful line of pure bread eevee evolutions that sold evolutionary stones for mon around the kalos region. It was a family business, tradition, passed on from generation to generation. But unlike his many brother and sisters Timothy was born deaf. Being from a rich family his very protective parents got him the best help to assist him with his disability. Tutors were hired for schooling, and he was taught sign language immediately. This was provided for all the children, but unlike his brothers and sisters Timothy wasn’t allowed to leave his home.

He was deaf and living Luminous City was quite dangerous for the young eevee to roam the streets by himself. So Timothy was raised in a big mansion mostly with his siblings and care takers who followed him around. Everything was provided for the eevee and he was watched like a hawk for his safety. It was around his siblings that the aids didn’t look after him.

Timothy loved spending time with his siblings when he had the chance, especially his older brother Zachery. The two were close and did everything together. They played video games, ran around the mansion, had their own weird funny competitions, you name it they did it.  The only time they didn’t spend together was when his brother went to school. Besides Timothy, their parents let all their children have the option of going to school and being outside. As time passed, and Timothy became older entering his middle school years, he began questioning why this was though. When he asked one of his care takers they simply replied: ‘You’re a child incapable of taking care of yourself because of your hearing. You’re just special that’s all and need extra attention.’

Timothy was shocked and for the first time angry…he didn’t need that, he thought they were around because they wanted to be around. He was just like all his brothers and sisters, just because he couldn’t hear didn’t mean he wasn't capable of doing what they could. After that Timothy began doing as he pleased. He ignored the aids signs telling him to stop, do this, do that, your not capable of such things…Timothy was on a mission to prove them all wrong.

Unfortunately this ended in disaster because he made up his mind of going outside. It was the worse experience of his life, and his life almost ended because he was very close to getting hit by a car. Luckily, if it wasn’t for his brother Zachery seeing him run off, Timothy would have died. The scared eevee then confessed to the Espeon of what happened, what the aids said to him, and when Zachery tried to reason with him that he did have a disadvantage in his life he refused to listen to anything exclaiming that he didn’t need help.

Although Zachery didn’t agree with everything Timothy had stated he did agree that perhaps their parents and the care takers were giving him too much help. Timothy would always have a disadvantage in his life, but that didn’t mean he should be sheltered or protect from it, and be treated that he wasn’t capable of doing anything. Instead he should be taught how to live with his disadvantage that way he didn’t need all the protection.

Later that day Zachery told their parents the whole story. At first they were furious but once they calmed down the Espeon proposed an idea. He told his parents to send the child off to a boarding school, that way, Timothy had the freedom he wanted, but enough protection where everyone would feel safe. Zachery even proposed St mortiel, hearing that some long distance cousins were going to attend the school as well. Immediately their parents said no, it was too dangerous, the city was even bigger than this one, plus another region DEFINITELY NOT. It took a week of arguing and persuasion but the parents finally relented but only for that sole reason that family was attending the school as well.

When Zachery told Timothy of what he had done, the eevee couldn’t have been more excited jumping for joy and clinging onto him giving his brother a hug. FINALLY FINALLY, he could do something on his own!!! The next morning the Eevee was packing his bags for the long trip to the Sinnoh region.


Level: 20


*Helping Hand



~Tail Whip

*Sand Attack

~Baby-Doll Eyes


~Quick Attack



School Schedule- 3rd Grade

*Geometry III

~Chemistry II

*Unova History

~Spanish II

*Creative Writing II

~Beginning Dancing

*P.E. and Health III

~Religious Studies


Extra circulars

~Gaming Club

*Knitting Club

Fun/ Extras Facts:

*Is very scared to go outside of the school but if someone goes with him he’ll be fine…just be prepared for him to cling on your back

-Because mostly everything was provided for him and such, Timothy struggles a lot with taking care of himself and trying new things. But he’ll never admit this, and will be too stubborn to ask for help

- He rather hug you and kiss your cheek in greeting than a handshake, he’s like MEGA CLINGY

 *he can make an assortment of goofy faces on command

-He’s literally a facial open book to read so it's easy to tell when he’s telling the truth or not

* He’s deaf so the only communication he can use is sign language or his cell

-He is very obsessed with magic and loves doing magic tricks…though sometimes they get out of hand consider he does go beyond what he should do.

*Also big anime and video game nerd and will be your best friend if you know any stuff like that

-He also has an odd admiration/obsession with other eevee evolutions thinking they’re cool…and will consider you his big bro or sis if you are one

*He’s bisexual and totes not afraid to smooch some guys out there (tiny bit of a flirt surprisingly). He only knows this because of anime. He may have the looks of a child, but he’s not innocence yo.

*He has abnormally long ears, fluff, and fluffy tail

-Incredibly clumsy with everything…..he usually trips over his feet or tails constantly

Can’t see anything without his glasses, he’s already deaf don’t make him blind guys….

Also one of his cousins is Nathaniel (made by :iconyoshinx:)… and another one soon....uvu

Okay dokey here's Rosalind's wish list lol, I hope this is okay just let me know if I did anything wrong quq


Dear Santa,...if it's not too much to ask..these are some things I'd like. You do not have to get them all or anything I am fine with nothing quq.I hope this is okay, and it is not too much to ask quq

*Hhmm plushies are always fine. I adore them, and have a pretty big collection >//w//> and am always happy to add on to such collection. Thank you quq

*hhmm I have not told anyone of this yet, but I am kinda old fashion, and adore listening to CD's of classical music on my CD player . It is just kind of pleasant to curl up somewhere and nap to the music  with having the ease of just putting the disk in player; without making sure to download this and that from the computer. So more CD's would be nice, any genre is fine uvu

*I love clothing so any piece of material is fine ovo, I could always use another scarf or hat >w< ((you can go crazy on this one guys if you like. So if you want to buy her like a whole outfit or something go ahead, I'm allowing you to dress my foxy up in anything you like. She'll love it uvu))

*I'd also like someone say something nice to Enoch he really is a good person honestly....though it be nice if he could hear it from someone else besides me....I really do worry about him qnq, Like maybe a note or something...i don't know....>_>

*uuummm uh....okay okay....this is somewhat stupid and really uh dumb but perhaps to be kissed...uh um under mistletoe on the cheek >///-////> I have always wonder what it might be like....eerrmm ugh mainly from a guy if that is alright, i-i-it can be from a girl too, I know I am straight and jaldjf;asj you know forget it never mind I'm so sorry never mind, never mind, never mind.....

Okay dokey and that's Rosalind wishlist, again guys I'm not super picky so if you guys want to do something  a little different or extra with the wish go for it ovo, as long as it relates to it somewhat uvu. Thanks again and I hope this isn't too much quq
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Hey, I love drawing and mostly do it all in my free time. When my brother said you could scan things in to the computer, I was so excited. I didn't think you could scan regular pictures. So right away I wanted to put my stuff on DeviantArt. I'm so excited!

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