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The Magic of Friendship by Whitewing16
The Magic of Friendship

So this is Mavi and Rosalind opposites interacting, said I draw it for Pixel cause she's such a sweetie <3

Again so happy you like it girl quq and thank you for letting me draw Mavi quq

Mavi (Chinchou) belongs to :iconpixelmonozu:

Rosalind (vulpix) belongs to me quq
Mortiel Pet Meme- Snickers by Whitewing16
Mortiel Pet Meme- Snickers

Anyway, Rosalind got Snickers near like the beginning of when the group started as a birthday gift from Enoch. She would have gotten a dog ferral, but the school didn't allow getting dogs so instead she got this cutie uvu. Ugh, sorry for the description guys I know it's kinda bad qnq


-Name: Snickers
*Gender- Male
-Species- Minccino
*Ownder- Rosalind A. Oswald

Jolly/ Hyper Active


Snickers never doesn't have a smile on his face and the only time the chinchilla will ever get upset is if you make a mess. He's quite the positive smart creature, and knows what his happen most of the time around him, making it sometimes hard to train him. Just as much as a clean freak as his owner, snicker never ending boundless energy makes it impossible to get the rodent to go to sleep or stop cleaning if something he deems is dirty. He always wants to do something, whether running around in his cage, cleaning, annoying Rosalind to play, or playing in his playground hamster tubes you'll find Snickers doing something. But even though he is hyper active, he does have a kind heart just like his owner and if he someone upset then they get all the fluffy cuddling snuggles.

Extra facts:

*LOVES SNICKERS BAR, and he will become your automatic friend if you give him some, thus that's why his names is Snickers

-Very much a clean freak, so if Rosalind doesn't have time to clean a mess, Snickers will do it for her

*Snickers tail is slightly larger than some other Minnicoo, which is why he uses it a lot to clean things. Can aslo stand on it like Rosalind can with her tails.

-Loves the blue of the collar and his shiny name tag, that why he never takes his collar off

*Can get out of his cage fairly easily, Rosalind has tried to keep him in there when she is away but always manges to find his way out

-Loves shiny things and often hoards them in his if you've lost something shiny, Snickers probably has it

*loves to snuggle on top of Rosalind head and shoulder
Stm  Opposite Meme - Rosalind by Whitewing16
Stm Opposite Meme - Rosalind

So this is the opposite meme, that I should have turned in a long time ago but OH WELL quq

anyway so this is Rosalind if she was a bad girl. She'd find a way not to follow the dress code, chew bubble gum all the time, PINK, cause gum shouldn't come in any other color, and set everything on fire that annoys her.

She'd have a short temper, and be pretty much mean to everyone she doesn't deem as cool....but even so she'd act like pretty much an ass to them. Loves to play pranks on people and piss everyone else off. And loves torturing her dorky brother (or at least that's what I'd imagine enoch as the opposite meme)

And will follow only Mavi around deeming the "coolest"


*short tempered
*very smart but totally lazy
*doesn't really take crap from anyone
*usually sounds mad all the time, or not caring
*She's patient but usually that's because she could care less
*loves pranking people
STM Secret Santa Trendy Girl by Whitewing16
STM Secret Santa Trendy Girl
So I was :iconbellberrystar: secret santa this year and I couldn't of been happier XD....also sorry super later it's a christmas/new year gift I suppose lol XD

anyway one of Sophia's wishes was to get some new trendy clothing and knowing my own fashionable foxy I thought she could do that for her. So the fox took her out on a shopping spree and bought this outfit for her consider she is an awesome friend and team mate uvu. lol, have to admit, the black hat was definitely a Rosalind touch considering she is a big hat fan, that and loves those french berates uvu.

Anyway, I hope Sophia likes her gift berry and you too quq

hope you had a good happy holiday and new year XD
Okay dokey here's Rosalind's wish list lol, I hope this is okay just let me know if I did anything wrong quq


Dear Santa,...if it's not too much to ask..these are some things I'd like. You do not have to get them all or anything I am fine with nothing quq.I hope this is okay, and it is not too much to ask quq

*Hhmm plushies are always fine. I adore them, and have a pretty big collection >//w//> and am always happy to add on to such collection. Thank you quq

*hhmm I have not told anyone of this yet, but I am kinda old fashion, and adore listening to CD's of classical music on my CD player . It is just kind of pleasant to curl up somewhere and nap to the music  with having the ease of just putting the disk in player; without making sure to download this and that from the computer. So more CD's would be nice, any genre is fine uvu

*I love clothing so any piece of material is fine ovo, I could always use another scarf or hat >w< ((you can go crazy on this one guys if you like. So if you want to buy her like a whole outfit or something go ahead, I'm allowing you to dress my foxy up in anything you like. She'll love it uvu))

*I'd also like someone say something nice to Enoch he really is a good person honestly....though it be nice if he could hear it from someone else besides me....I really do worry about him qnq, Like maybe a note or something...i don't know....>_>

*uuummm uh....okay okay....this is somewhat stupid and really uh dumb but perhaps to be kissed...uh um under mistletoe on the cheek >///-////> I have always wonder what it might be like....eerrmm ugh mainly from a guy if that is alright, i-i-it can be from a girl too, I know I am straight and jaldjf;asj you know forget it never mind I'm so sorry never mind, never mind, never mind.....

Okay dokey and that's Rosalind wishlist, again guys I'm not super picky so if you guys want to do something  a little different or extra with the wish go for it ovo, as long as it relates to it somewhat uvu. Thanks again and I hope this isn't too much quq
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Hey, I love drawing and mostly do it all in my free time. When my brother said you could scan things in to the computer, I was so excited. I didn't think you could scan regular pictures. So right away I wanted to put my stuff on DeviantArt. I'm so excited!

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Ack, sorry for spending so long to tell you this:

Gave you a watch because I thought you are very brave in what you do. Not many choose to post up traditional art and keep on going with a high level of support.

I wish you all the best!
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