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Camp Clement- Halley Jones by Whitewing16
Camp Clement- Halley Jones

MY APPLICATION she's my baby omg I already love her uvu

Here's a better version of halley without the app uvu…


Name: Halley Jones

Age: 9

Gender: female

Species: Charmander

Birthday: February 9th

Nature: Brave

Characteristics: Likes to run

Ability: Blaze

Level: 10

Sentret Scout Unit: 1st Luminous Sentret Scout Division

Height/weight: 3’5” 40 lbs



[+ Social/Friendly] [+ Imaginative/Adventurous] [+ Loyal] [o Confident] [o Brave] [- Blunt] [- Hasty] [-Rowdy]

The first thing that strikes you about Halley is her energy and spark for adventure. Not one to sit around for too long she’s a rowdy child, and at times difficult to deal with because she wants to do what she wants. You’ll find this little lizard isn’t afraid of anything and always up for something new from trying food to exploring a cave. Not one to shy away from adventure or anyone she’s quite a sociable thing ready to include anyone in her plans or journeys.  She’s got a pretty big heart in that perspective always wanting to make friends and including everyone. But being a small child she doesn’t understand danger throwing her safety in the wind and rushing into situations to fast or making decision to quick. That is the reason why she’s always covered in dirt, bruises, and band aids. She blunt and doesn’t understand self-restraint so she’ll say the first thing that pops in her head. Though when she does realize she’s made a mistake she’ll immediately apologize….even if she must whine, cry, and beg



The small little charmander was literally born when the Halley comet past the earth. Her mother was 20 and her father 21 as the watched the comet streak through the sky amazed by its magnificent naming their daughter after the beautiful sight. The young couple were ready to try and take care of their young child deciding to keep the small charmander.

But unfortunately it just didn’t happen that way. Trying to discover oneself through college, making a living and such, it was just too much…and sadly they both came to the conclusion they couldn’t take care of their small child. So in order for her to have the best life possible adoption was a good answer. In the end she was adopted by two traveling researchers who, at the time, wanted a child of their own.

They’re home resides in Luminous Kalos, But most of the time the two men were out in the field and always brought Halley along with them. She was homeschooled.  Being raised on the road mostly the small lizard learn to talk too many different mon of many different origins and personalities. She learned not to be scared of the new and unknown and when exploring caves and such with her two daddies. Halley loved it, she loved the thrill of discovering something new, making friends at the towns they stopped at and playing around. She was always welcome to come along on her father’s safer research exploration trips. Unfortunately though she always did get in trouble and managed to get a scrape or two from her reckless behavior, but even so, she was their little princess and had a hard time saying no to her. Besides her daddies got bruises too though right, but still they wanted their daughter to be safe…or at least have time to think of a game plan to keep her from getting in trouble. Fortunately a solution presented itself during their travels. The fathers heard of Camp Clement and reading up on the history about it, they thought it be perfect for their explorer in training to go to and both of them time to think. So the fathers sent in an application hoping their daughter could go there for the summer.







Camp Activities:


*White Water Rafting

*Star Gazing

*Bug Catching


*is always falling and tripping getting a new bruises/cuts every day and getting dirty. So because of this she always has band-aids in her pocket in a variety of different colors

*She’s a pretty tough girl and doesn’t cry over pain, she used to it, and she thinks scabs are cool

*MAJOR TOMBOY, so doesn’t mind dirt and does what boys do or odd things little girls her age would never do

*loves plushies, she has a special teddisura bear she loves and if she ever loses it will cry until she has it back

*She’s got a gap in her teeth from her lost tooth. This happened when she was playing kickball with some of the boys. The ball hit her head and the tooth came flying out. She thought it was cool and keeps it as a souvenir to tell her friends and brag about how she was okay when she got the black eye

*don’t tell her she can’t do something because then she’ll just do it

*Isn’t afraid of anything let alone bugs, will take on any dare

*loves water/beach, surprisingly hates bathes, which is why it’s always a challenge to bathe her and she’s usually dirty…and occasionally smelly. It’s probably because she doesn’t like soap… it’s also obvious she doesn’t brush her hair a lot either

*LOVES taking pics all the time with friends with her phone

*She has a particular fondness of stars and knows almost everything about them. She knows she was named after one and the Halley Comet is her favorite

* Can speak fluent French cause both her father’s speak it all the time and are from Kalos

*says aint a lot nasty habit she picked up from her Tantrum father the other father has no idea why he says it all the time

*Her adopted fathers is a Trantrum and Meowstic, They research and often focus on the unknown/mysteries in the world, which is why they’re so pro on Halley to go to the camp

*Has a peacock piece of hair that sticks up on her head and is impossible to smooth over hinting that one of her biological parents come from the swablu line

*yes there’s a reference to Indianan Jones in her name

Rosalind Prom Dress by Whitewing16
Rosalind Prom Dress
And here's rosa prom dress and the last pic I"ll use for the activity check. Basically she wanted to looking really REALLY look to impress her date uvu though rosa looks good all the time she's just to unconfident and modest to see it uvu

Timothy prom by Whitewing16
Timothy prom
gotta do something for that acitivity check and this was the only thing I could think of ouo

I'll do Rosalind tomorrow but yes dork eevee in hi...magician costume yes he went to prom as a magician OTL

The Jump by Whitewing16
The Jump

So this was my final project for my illustration class in college, 33ft high and 8 feet wide this is my master piece // looks into the sun

So basically the assinment was to illustrate a silent editorial piece no words just pictures. So I made mine about my character Neria, my angel/bird dove girlie, as a small child facing her fear of jumping off the cliff, spreading her wings and learning how to fly.

The lesson is just overcoming your fears. So in my personal experience with fear I always feel like everything troubling and dark and ou can't think straight when you are under pressure. But once you do it you feel so proud, and relieve and the world just seems more colorful and clear.

Which is why it goes from black and white to color.

HHHMM I hope I get a good grade on this qvq but even if I don't I still feel so proud cause I haven't been doing digital for very long and it came out exactly how i imagined it so SUPER HAPPY

Okay dokey here's Rosalind's wish list lol, I hope this is okay just let me know if I did anything wrong quq


Dear Santa,...if it's not too much to ask..these are some things I'd like. You do not have to get them all or anything I am fine with nothing quq.I hope this is okay, and it is not too much to ask quq

*Hhmm plushies are always fine. I adore them, and have a pretty big collection >//w//> and am always happy to add on to such collection. Thank you quq

*hhmm I have not told anyone of this yet, but I am kinda old fashion, and adore listening to CD's of classical music on my CD player . It is just kind of pleasant to curl up somewhere and nap to the music  with having the ease of just putting the disk in player; without making sure to download this and that from the computer. So more CD's would be nice, any genre is fine uvu

*I love clothing so any piece of material is fine ovo, I could always use another scarf or hat >w< ((you can go crazy on this one guys if you like. So if you want to buy her like a whole outfit or something go ahead, I'm allowing you to dress my foxy up in anything you like. She'll love it uvu))

*I'd also like someone say something nice to Enoch he really is a good person honestly....though it be nice if he could hear it from someone else besides me....I really do worry about him qnq, Like maybe a note or something...i don't know....>_>

*uuummm uh....okay okay....this is somewhat stupid and really uh dumb but perhaps to be kissed...uh um under mistletoe on the cheek >///-////> I have always wonder what it might be like....eerrmm ugh mainly from a guy if that is alright, i-i-it can be from a girl too, I know I am straight and jaldjf;asj you know forget it never mind I'm so sorry never mind, never mind, never mind.....

Okay dokey and that's Rosalind wishlist, again guys I'm not super picky so if you guys want to do something  a little different or extra with the wish go for it ovo, as long as it relates to it somewhat uvu. Thanks again and I hope this isn't too much quq
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Hey, I love drawing and mostly do it all in my free time. When my brother said you could scan things in to the computer, I was so excited. I didn't think you could scan regular pictures. So right away I wanted to put my stuff on DeviantArt. I'm so excited!

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