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Baby Blue Eyes by Whitewing16
Baby Blue Eyes
So this is actually a picture I"m uploading that I did recently. PPPppfff I'm so proud of the picture it was suppose to just be a doodle but ended up as a giant thing. I wanted to practice shading in black and white since that's what we have been learning in my drawing composition class. Then of course I ended up adding the blue cause I just loves colors and I'm such a color freak qwq

So I made this in new york at the time for a field trip for school and me and my friends were waiting for the bus which was like a couple of hours since we already finished looking at all the muesums at the time. While I was making it people kept passing by us and appearntly a little boy was watching me draw for a couple of minutes is what one of my friends told me and lady passed by and gave me a thumbs saying good job. Then of course I felt people glancing at what I was doing at they passed by. So yah I just got really flustered and flattered guys ajdljfla;fj

Then when I said it wasn't all that great my friend told me to shut up hell up and stop being so modest lol. The whole situation was funny and really flattering guys. Ah I'm so glad people like my drawings >w< Really just omg just I don't know what to say but thank you lol XD

And thank you lovely deviants for all the compliments on my art really guys it always makes my day qwq You guys are the best and such amazing artists you guys always inspire me to do better. So thank you as well for that qwq. Really thank you guys
Lovely Little Stroll by Whitewing16
Lovely Little Stroll
Hey guys I'm like the slowest person to post things when they're like a month old lol XD

but anyway :iconsombrasaurus: and I are having this adorable rp at teh moment where my little Rosalind and Mavi are going to an ice cream parlor after hitting off pretty well. She's of course being her nosey polite self wanting to get to know him and Mavi I'm glad doesn't think her annoying for doing that >w<

So this is just a little part of what is happen in the rp.

Also practicing sharpies a little and didn't really want to color the whole thing and make a pretty black and white picture >w<
Happy Tears by Whitewing16
Happy Tears
And last one for the day guys uwu,

So here's my little Elise being well all pretty. I wanted to try out sharpie marker for the outlining instead of using color pencil or pen and it really works well. I'm surprise I hadn't use sharpie markers  till now. Also played with coloring in the eyes. I think I'll keep the yellow ther whenever I do draw her eyes now, looks really pretty with the bright green.

But the main reason I drew this was because I notice I always draw her blushing, scared, crying, who shyly looking away or smiling up to the viewer. It occured to me I've just never made her look happy....or even pretty to look at in that matter. She not super pretty like some of my other characters, the only really pretty traits are her hari and eyes, which was the main point when I had created her. She's not pretty but a cute adorable pudgy thing that you can hug and snuggle. But my baby is beautiful in her own special and unique way which I really wanted to reveal in this picture.

To show that under all that shyness of hers and quiet nature there really is a sweet gentle person. An amazing small girl that's gone through a lot in her life, and still getting over some personal hurtles, but can now smile like such if you get to know her. Really she's probably one of my charcters I'm most proud off and just can't help love to bits. You just gotta let her open up to you that's all....Plus gave me a chance to draw all those little freckles too...which I always love drawing on her eepp XD

So yes enjoy uwu

[Selva] [Whitewing16] [550]
Sophia and Myrtle Adventure- Chapter 1- Part 3 by Whitewing16
Sophia and Myrtle Adventure- Chapter 1- Part 3
Asking a Favor

Where we had last left off was Sophia finding Myrtle only to discover that the little Flabebe was breaking into anique stores but not stealing anything. After doing a little research of her own Sophia finds out about the precious item that the girl is lookign for and blindly tries to help her as well. Even though she does not know what it looks like.

But unfortunately an elderly Leavanny  purchases the necklace and refused to give it back. Is all hope lost...maybe, might Sophia know this Leavenny???


Sophia looked at the room 203, and sighed softly before knocking lightly. She heard a muffle coming before a butler came to the door. He looked at Sophia with mild distain seeing what she was wearing thinking it was commoner clothing before saying reluctantly “What might I do for you today?”

“I’d like to see Mrs. Jones. Might she be available?” Sophia giggled. The butler eyes widen seeing how polite the butterfree was, maybe she wasn’t a commoner after all. But that giggling after her sentence was displeasing.

Still, the butler turned around “Mrs. Jones, you have a guest.” From inside the suite it was silent for a moment, and then she said reluctantly “Let whoever in. I’m feeling nice today.”

Sophia entered quietly looking around at the suite, expensive, yes very expensive. Red silk curtains, marble flooring, the walls were a beautiful peach and had two bedrooms and a dining area. Most people would be gawking, but Sophia was used to such things in her life.

The old Leavenny came out of the bedroom and sighed “Oh not you again dear. Please do leave, I had already told you. I am not returning the necklace.” She said snootily. She walked to the mini fridge taking out a bottle of wine.

Sophia stayed silent for a moment watching her pour the glass and then looked back at the Leavenny her opinion about her remaining the same: the woman should never be trifled with…but still…“Please, Mrs. Jones reconsider my offer.” Sophia bit her lip not to giggle knowing it was displeasing to her standards as well.

“I told you-“But she stopped and now gave Sophia a second look “Wait, my dear, why might you know-“ Suddenly the bug recognized the other bug and she gave a small chuckled “Sophia, my dear. With those garments you are wearing I had not recognize you…please do sit.”

Sophia gave her a small smile, but her eyes were distant. It was obvious Sophia was going into her own personal shell, which she did around people like this woman. Someone who always got what she wanted and thought she was the center of the world. “Thank you.” She said politely sitting down and taking the wine glass.

“So Sophia, last we had met you refused to marry my grandson. That was what 16 years ago when you were fourteen and my grandson was eighteen?” She said humbly. Sophia only reply simply with a small smiled “I do think so.”

The Leavenny took another sip “Hhhmmm yes you know you broke his heart that day you refuse….he still hasn’t gotten over you.” She put her wine glass on the table. Sophia only sighed “I am nothing special.”

The leavenny laughed “I have to disagree with you Sophia…Sophia Montague. Your family is world renown, your apple industry is almost as famous as Oswald music incorporations, you are all rich beyond comparison. Not to mention you are the most beautiful out of the three children your mother bore. If I am correct your father own the company, but died afterwards from a unknown illness after becoming quite successful. Then your peasant of a mother, who became a widow after only seven years of marriage, took over….though she is not a peasant anymore.” She laughed “Now, she is quite known amongst the fruit industry especially in the Kanto region.” She then continue “Not to mention how antiquate you all are, plus you are all somewhat shiny and never normal color if I am right. Yes Sophia my dear you are quite something special, a catch any man would want….you could make wonderful offspring, plus make any house hold proud of stature.”

She took another sip, coldly staring at the pink butterfree placing the wine glass back down. Sophia stayed silent for a moment and then said softly once more “I am nothing special.”

The leavenny only smiled “Of course, yes I forgot, your family is not quite fond of you anymore…So on to other matters, I presume you are here for the necklace…I won’t give it back to you, you do realize that?” She said sharply.

Sophia stiffened “Please Mrs. Jones it means so much to the girl and-“

“No, I’ve searched five ears for this particular piece and will not let you have it….unless…” She gave a smirk “You reconsider my grandson’s marriage proposal.” Sophia eyes widen bewildered once more, but she stayed silent.

Her grandson, Charles, if she remembered right. Oh Sophia remembered him being more of the polite people in that community. In fact, she quite enjoyed his company at times….the only quirky bratty thing about him was that he talked too much about himself and his accomplishments. Either than that, he was nice. But the only problem was….

“I am sorry but I must refuse the proposal…I do not love him.”

Miss. Jones scoffed “There is no such thing as love Sophia. That is only fantasy, every smart diligent person knows such things.” She said grinding her teeth. “Then I refuse giving you the necklace.”

Sophia looked at her pleadingly “Please Mrs. Jones-“

Miss. Jones just shook her head “Sophia, Sophia, Sophia. You may plead all you want my dear. But the answer is no. Do you think that I, my husband who owns a very well-known antique jewelry shop would give up such a charm…unless you are willing to pay my price I am afraid the answer shall always be no.” She laughed victoriously.

Sophia stayed quiet looking down having an internal debate with herself. The leavanny smiled seeing Sophia’s stress, “This girl…you must truly like her…if I am correct she is a complete stranger to you? My Sophia, the rumors are right…Her beauty is as beautiful as her heart.” She said repeating rumors “But she can be cold when it comes to any man’s heart.”

She then placed the amulet down on the counter opening it up revealing a picture. Sophia gasped seeing it. It was Myrtle and her mother together smiling for a photo…it was probably the only photo the girl had of her mother. No wonder Myrtle wanted it so much. This was the only memory she had of her…

Sophia glanced up at the Leavenny, who was smirking “Until now I presume.” Sophia wings flattened as she hung her head low feeling completely defeated and trapped like she used to as a child.



When Myrtle woke up the first thing she saw was white. White fancy sheets surrounding her. She gave a yawn looking around at the room, forgetting momentarily where she was. Then last night’s events reoccurred to her and she bolted upright.


She jumped out of the bed and ran to the door, but stopped seeing something on the nightstand. She did a double take “My necklace!” She said happily taking the amulet off the counter and opening it seeing the picture. “But….!”

Myrtle stared at it with confusion until Sophia came through the door, she gave the Flabebe a smiled “Oh Myrtle you are awake how wonderful.” She giggled “I was wondering when you would, it is almost twelve. I was beginning to worry.” She giggled again.

The Flabebe held up the locket “Sophia did you get this back for me? How? How you get it from that mean lady?” She put it around her neck “Did you steal it?”

Sophia stared at her for a moment and then just smiled “Her and I had come to an agreement.” But that’s all she said. Myrtle didn’t ask anymore though, satisfied with the answer and in the end hugged the butterfree. “OH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SOPHIA YOU’RE THE BEST!!!” She squealed.

Sophia just smiled, and then burst into giggles herself “Well, I am glad you have the amulet again…what might you do now dear?” She giggled. Myrtle stopped bouncing up and down and thought for a moment “I don’t know….I didn’t think of that….” She mumbled. She then looked up at Sophia “What about you, what are you gonna do?”

Sophia giggled “Probably pack and head out soon…I am planning on travel to another town after this…somehow.” She said nervously giggling. Yes she’d have to figure that out. Remember, Sophia was still quite innocent to the world and didn’t know much besides how to be a proper and polite lady.

Myrtle blinked and her eyes grew wide “You travel?” Sophia nodded “For now anyway.” She giggled. Myrtle then took the butterfrees hands and Sophia blinked confuse “Can I ask you a favor?”


“Well, were all set. Thank you Sophia for adopting her.” The bayleaf giggled “Now I’m just gonna need you to put your first and last name right here.” The Cottonee said tapping the bottom of the paper coming up behind the grass type. Sophia hesitated for a moment not sure what to put down. Her hand twitched for a moment and she wrote down Montague.

Charlotte smiled “Well, she’s all yours…oh thank you Sophia…I wasn’t sure if Myrtle was ever gonna be adopted, and I also wanted to thank you for such a lovely donation to the orphanage….Really I can’t thank you enough. With the amount you gave us we can start doing some renovations to this place and stay afloat for once with our bills.” She said looking out seeing Myrtle hugging some other kids in goodbye. She seemed sad somewhat, but there was excitement in her eyes.

Sophia was watching as well and just gave a giggle “Well, how could I refuse, all the children here seem quite pleasant. I was happy to do such a thing. Plus Myrtle said she adored the idea of travel and did ask if she could tag along. Who am I to say no to adoption…I could use the company.” She giggled again and her wings fluttered faster indicating her happiness. “I do adore the girl.”

Charlotte smiled “I know.” Sophia just giggled again at that. The Butterfree turned seeing Myrtle enter the room “So, might you be ready to go?” She giggled and Myrtle nodded “Yah!” She then rushed to Charlotte giving her a hug “Thanks for everything.” She mumbled.

“Of course dear.” She whispered back kissing her forehead, and the Bayleaf did the same when the girl hugged her as well.

Sophia and Myrtle waved one last goodbye before leaving. Then they went to the Furfrou café, where they wish an adue to Daniel as well. Sophia gave the blushing Vivllion a hug.

“You’ll have to write okay….I want to know how you guys are doing.” He laughed nervously and Sophia nodded “Of course Daniel. I’ll make sure to tell you how Myrtle is doing, plus it will be nice to write on the road.” She giggled and the Vivillion nodded.

“Great, hold on a moment then.” He said seeming to happy fluttering back and then coming back out with a red feral Fletchling. Sophia smiled at it as it chirped.” I call him Crimson. I’ve only had him for about a year, but he smart and often flies off. I wouldn’t be surprise if he’s flown over all through Kalos and he always manages to come back….I want you to take him along the way when you write a letter you can send it right away to me.” Daniel smiled as the bird tweeting seeming to understand the conversation.

It fluttered on top of Sophias hat chirping happily. Daniel smiled at the bird with adoration, and Sophia was about to protest, but the Vivillion saw it immediately “Please, I want you to have him. Besides I’ll see him all the time depending on how often you write.” He laughed. Sophia sighed, but nodded not wanting to make an argument with him before officially saying farewell.

“I understand…than I shall write frequently.” She giggled petting Crimson as it hopped into her hands. At that moment Sophia’s own pet Weedle Rascal reveal himself out of her hat for the first time since who knows how long. The Weedle stared at the Fletchling as the Fletchling tweeted raising it’s hand in hi. Which Rascal only then glared at it shouting string in its face.

Crimson tweeted and started trying to poke the annoying little insect on top of Sophia head. Sophia cover her face a little with her hat while the other butterfly tried to control the angry driven bird.

“Rascal please do stop….Crimson will be traveling with us you two must get along.” The weedle hissed again just staring at the bird who was glaring darts back. After five minutes of intense glaring Rascal crawled back under the hat and the bird tweeted in victory. This time resting on the pink bugs shoulder.

Sophia sighed a little relieved and troubled, this was going to be a long, long, journey. But none the less Sophia smiled back at Daniel thanking him. “Of course.” He said blushing once again as Sophia gave him another hug. He blushed a scarlet when she giggled pointing it out and wondering if he was okay and if he was sick. “No no I’m fine I’m fine…” He hastily said rubbing the back of his head.

“Thank you for everything Daniel.” She giggled thanking him before she exited outside where Myrtle was waiting patiently.  The Vivillion again scratched his cheek in modestly “Stop thanking me it’s nothing…it’s not a problem.” Sophia only giggled again and then officially left.

He watched them go, all four of them together from the window of the cafe “J'espère que vous trouverez ce que vous cherchez papillon.” He mumbled to himself before they turned the corner out of sight.


“So where are we headed!” Myrtle asked excitedly as she walked along the path and Sophia fluttering exciting Luminous City. Crimson was on her shoulder, while Rascal had opted to take a new resting place on top of Myrtle’s head. The flowers and dirt road welcomed them as they all set out on their new adventure. Sophia giggled “Anywhere is quite fine to me.” And just as Sophia said this they were on a cross road.

The little Flabebe smiled looking at the cross roads. “Okay we’ll do eeny meanie minie moe then.” She said covering her eyes and taking out her trusty pointer finger.

As Myrtle was deciding what road they would travel Sophia smile faded a little. She took out the necklace she was wearing around her neck from the folds of her clothes looking at the expensive diamond ring. Suddenly Miss. Jones words repeated in her head.

“Well, now since that is decided take the amulet…When will the wedding be you ask? I am not quite sure, perhaps a year? Maybe a little longer. After I’m done this tour that’s for sure…it’ll take me about a year to finish and then of course I must plan the wedding as well since I presume you do not want too….which will take up more time…so two years is my estimation? I shall contact you when I do know…even if you travel my dear, I shall find you believe me I shall…”

Sophia looked down at the amulet “But the rules still do apply, if I find another suitor, someone I feel deem worthy…or I believe that I love and want to marry, then I am allowed to marry that gentleman.” She said tiringly.

The leavanny smiled “Of course, it is your decision to marry my son after all if I am correct. Completely up to you my dear. Completely your choice.

Sophia eye’s filled with sorrow but she jumped when the Flabebe announced they be going to the left. Crimson fluttered off her shoulder a little startle himself from her sudden movement. Sophia nodded hiding the necklace back in the folds of her white sundress “Oh I see…yes then I do suppose we shall go left…lead the way Myrtle.” She giggled.

Myrtle nodded taking Sophia hand and leading her “And here we go, off to an adventure!” She laughed, and Sophia couldn’t help laugh as well.

Wow, hi everyone, it's literally been forever since I've submitted a journal entry lol XD

Anyway, a friend of mine :iconlazy-a-ile: is doing this 10 sketch drawing thing, which is basically you comment on the journal, giving me a reference, and I'll sketch out a picture of that character for you XD. First come first serve XD

Also, if you do comment on this journal requesting a sketch, then I must ask you do the same thing on yours, thus the dread cycle continues MUHAHAHAHAHHA LOL XD but you don't have to if you don't want too

okay, comment away lol XD


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Hey, I love drawing and mostly do it all in my free time. When my brother said you could scan things in to the computer, I was so excited. I didn't think you could scan regular pictures. So right away I wanted to put my stuff on DeviantArt. I'm so excited!

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