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The Jump by Whitewing16
The Jump

So this was my final project for my illustration class in college, 33ft high and 8 feet wide this is my master piece // looks into the sun

So basically the assinment was to illustrate a silent editorial piece no words just pictures. So I made mine about my character Neria, my angel/bird dove girlie, as a small child facing her fear of jumping off the cliff, spreading her wings and learning how to fly.

The lesson is just overcoming your fears. So in my personal experience with fear I always feel like everything troubling and dark and ou can't think straight when you are under pressure. But once you do it you feel so proud, and relieve and the world just seems more colorful and clear.

Which is why it goes from black and white to color.

HHHMM I hope I get a good grade on this qvq but even if I don't I still feel so proud cause I haven't been doing digital for very long and it came out exactly how i imagined it so SUPER HAPPY

Pokemon Skies Application: Chloe Nolan by Whitewing16
Pokemon Skies Application: Chloe Nolan

Name: Chloe Nolan

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Teddiursa

Height: 3'5"

Hometown: Unova, Castelia City

Birthdate: April 24

Nature: Relax

Characteristics: Often Lazy

Ability: Pick up


*Baby Doll Eyes

-Sweet Scent





Big hipped, long lashes, smiley smirk, and observant eyes chloe can be describe as one of the most relaxing people you will ever meet. Her patience is immense, and nothing really upsets her due to finding the situation amusing …or she doesn’t care. It's rare to see her get upset/retaliate back at someone. She is a major flirt, and mostly teases people to get a reaction out of them for the fun of it. As for herself, truly, the girl doesn’t seem to get worried or flustered at all about anything because she's incredibly confident in herself and whatever she does whether it's bad or good. Embarrassing'll just find her laughing with that person even if it's at herself.  She’ll tell it like it is not beating around the bush and is always 100 honest even if the truth hurts. Though unfortunately her relax personality does make her lazy and she will only work hard at something if it interests her and this is rare. But either than that she’s a pretty nice person all around and since she has the patience of a saint she’s a pretty good listener too anyone who wishes to complain.



Chloe was born in the unova region in Castelia City to a rich family. The parents raised their children with as much love and care as they could having high hopes and expectations for them to achieve great success like they had. Chloe had a pretty normal life, with not much problem because of this. Her parents were always supportive and always helped their children if they needed the assistance

…So much so that some could say the parents helped them too much. At a very young age Chloe realized her parents would do anything/ finish anything for her as long as it equal success and being the best. At first she didn’t take advantage of this, and being so young never retaliated because it was her parents wishes. But slowly, when she started entering her teenage years , she began to let them worry and do things for her when she stopped herself. Like her hw, cleaning her room, she just didn’t feel like doing it or trying anymore....

No Chloe was more interested in friends, shopping, and when she turned 18 partying. She was so lazy and tired to the point where when her parents started yelling at her to get her butt in gear to research and go to college she didn’t feel like fighting back. She just saw this as annoying and did as she pleased. So ultimately what happen was the bear graduated, her parents sent an application to a college for her, she went to thus college, and failed due to her poor grades.

This process was repeated over and over again until she was 21 finally making it obvious to her parents that Chloe…well…was just one lazy girl, too relax and uncaring….about literally everything. In all honesty though they just didn’t really take the time to ask the bear what she wanted and unconsciously this was just her way of rebelling against the uptight strict life she lived in. Plus perhaps her laziness stemmed from the fact she just wasn't motivated to do what her parents wanted from be this high successful person on top of everything and everyone in whatever highly respected job she pursued; like being a doctor or lawyer.  

So after another yelling session at the bear Chloe simply replied “Listen, all I wanna do is live away, somewhere nice and relaxing….simple job that’s all I need in life.” But that just made her parents more furious, they kicked the bear out screaming at her to get her life together.

She shook her head and walked out of the city. In that moment a flyer hit her face and reading the contents over….a town trying to rebuild itself huh…? Well she suppose she’d try going there…it’s not like she had any other place to go to.




*Super lazy, and takes a bit of convincing or motivation to do something if she doesn't want to do it herself

-Chloe actually is actually pretty smart, her laziness just makes her have the appearance that she isn't

*Has white fur and black hands/paws due to her mother being a Furfrou

-Loves to flirt with boys and girls/ tease everyone she meets, if she likes you friend wise she won’t do it as much

*That being said she is bisexual but prefers men,

-Loves sweets/food, cover anything in honey and she will love you forever

*Calls everyone babydoll and if she likes you as a friend she’ll give you a nickname

-Yes all her moves are none attack but that’s on purpose because she uses these moves often to get what she wants or tease a person….

*Only time she’ll ever get truly upset or even mad is if you bring up her family, or ask about such things, she hates to admit it but she does have a sore spot

-Due to her father being an Urersaring and her mother a Furfrou her fur is really thick and barely she has to wear heavy winter clothing, but hot weather is brutal for her. Not that she minds too much, cute summer clothes after all is worth walking outside.

*Loves to sleep, or lay around everywhere...and sometimes in the most oddest of places

-She doesn't scare easily, and it's always a big challenge at Halloween to get her to be scared good luck if you wanna try

*She’s really good at drawing and writing, and has a natural talent at story telling. Hasn’t discovered this yet

-She has three younger twin siblings that are 10 all boys and all bears.

STM: Dancing To A Hot Beat by Whitewing16
STM: Dancing To A Hot Beat
jfakls;dfjls;jadfkl; OMG, so this was a collab between me and Maverick and this took longer than I thought to get in and I'm not gonna lie I lost the piece the day it was due, found it the next day and then almost lost it again behind a seat cushion. I'm not going to go into details but if it wasn't for my friend quick and smart thinking I would have never been able to get this piece back safe and sound. qvq;;;

So uh yes sorry I'm late omg;;;;

Anyway so this is pheobe and Rosalind, Rosa playing her violin and making little fire notes and phoebe using echo voice dancing to the beat. It suppose to look like sheet music with the lines and the notes and honestly I love how Mav did it qvq

But yes she did the line work and I did the coloring with prism color pencil.

Again sorry I'm late;;; and hope it's not too late qvq

Welp enjoy

Phoebe (Furret) belongs to :iconwildmaverick:

Rosalind (vulpix) belongs to me

pokemon belongs to nintendo
ST Mortiel sketch dump by Whitewing16
ST Mortiel sketch dump

yah but nothing much just doodles, a lot of twitter moments and so on and so forth. Plus fluff akjdlfjsl; sorry I'm always such a sucker for cute things al;kdfjsa;lkdjf;ls also I hope ya'll don't mind me drawing your character lol, all your characters are just awesome in design and personality and I can't help it cause they're all so adorable as well qvq

But anyway, if you guys have any questions on the moments just ask, I"ll explain the sketch enjoy XD Also I have so much stuff still lol, so I'll be downloading a lot more pics later when I have the time. These are just like the tip of the iceberg and the only ones Ive scanned into my computer

jojo (slyveon) belongs to :iconEmpurroarMooks:

Rik (Aipom) belongs to :iconwiree:

Helia (Delphox) belongs to :iconzhoid:

Alyssa (Beedrill) belongs to :iconrobotbunnyinc:

Enoch (Furfrou) belongs to :iconautumnpalette:

Gary (Slyveon) belongs to :icontemptingglow:

Marcel (Vigoroth) belongs to :iconsableyeguy:

Annie (Meowistic) belongs to :iconakapanuka:

Mavi (Chinchou) belongs to :iconpixelmonozu:

Timothy (Eevee) Rosalind (Vulpix) Iris (white furfrou) and Sophia (buttefree) belong to me
Okay dokey here's Rosalind's wish list lol, I hope this is okay just let me know if I did anything wrong quq


Dear Santa,...if it's not too much to ask..these are some things I'd like. You do not have to get them all or anything I am fine with nothing quq.I hope this is okay, and it is not too much to ask quq

*Hhmm plushies are always fine. I adore them, and have a pretty big collection >//w//> and am always happy to add on to such collection. Thank you quq

*hhmm I have not told anyone of this yet, but I am kinda old fashion, and adore listening to CD's of classical music on my CD player . It is just kind of pleasant to curl up somewhere and nap to the music  with having the ease of just putting the disk in player; without making sure to download this and that from the computer. So more CD's would be nice, any genre is fine uvu

*I love clothing so any piece of material is fine ovo, I could always use another scarf or hat >w< ((you can go crazy on this one guys if you like. So if you want to buy her like a whole outfit or something go ahead, I'm allowing you to dress my foxy up in anything you like. She'll love it uvu))

*I'd also like someone say something nice to Enoch he really is a good person honestly....though it be nice if he could hear it from someone else besides me....I really do worry about him qnq, Like maybe a note or something...i don't know....>_>

*uuummm uh....okay okay....this is somewhat stupid and really uh dumb but perhaps to be kissed...uh um under mistletoe on the cheek >///-////> I have always wonder what it might be like....eerrmm ugh mainly from a guy if that is alright, i-i-it can be from a girl too, I know I am straight and jaldjf;asj you know forget it never mind I'm so sorry never mind, never mind, never mind.....

Okay dokey and that's Rosalind wishlist, again guys I'm not super picky so if you guys want to do something  a little different or extra with the wish go for it ovo, as long as it relates to it somewhat uvu. Thanks again and I hope this isn't too much quq
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  • Drinking: water what else XP


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
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Hey, I love drawing and mostly do it all in my free time. When my brother said you could scan things in to the computer, I was so excited. I didn't think you could scan regular pictures. So right away I wanted to put my stuff on DeviantArt. I'm so excited!

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